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Love Can't Be Bought

Love can't be bought - cinta tak bisa di beli - rachel zefanya
An absurdity of living if forced myself to be loved.
Reasons to give the material as if love can be bought.

In vain if you try to bind a person with ties favor.
Make as if the person is indebted to you.
Thus forced to accept your love as compensation.

It's naive to peddle copies of love.

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Sincerity Heart

Sincerity Heart love God poem
If you assigned me to be a candle.
In order to illuminate the surroundings.
Can provide benefits to others.
Enlighten the darkness.
Illuminates the world of blindness.

Although it's only temporary.

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Crazy In Love

Crazy In Love poem love words
Don't listen to people talk
Don't follow those directions that not clear
They just envious to us

Useless what people believed
Many useless mouths venomous
They are just envious with love
Oh...our love

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Love Damn Deep

love words Love damn deep
All my life
I think that you're the best thing
that has happened in my life !!

I remember all of my sweet memories
A few things
and some is you

But I can't be with someone who doesn't want me

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Warna-Warni Cinta

love colorful - warna warni cinta
Insan yang memiliki kesamaan dalam cinta
Adalah untuk mengerti satu sama lain
Namun perbedaan dalam cinta sangatlah penting
Karena untuk bisa saling melengkapi kekurangan diantaranya

Ketika mencintai seseorang
Tampillah apa adanya
Sebab Cinta sejati itu murni
Dapat menerima Kelebihan dan Kekurangan

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