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Love Can't Be Bought

Love can't be bought - cinta tak bisa di beli - rachel zefanya
An absurdity of living if forced myself to be loved.
Reasons to give the material as if love can be bought.

In vain if you try to bind a person with ties favor.
Make as if the person is indebted to you.
Thus forced to accept your love as compensation.

It's naive to peddle copies of love.
Love is not to be forced.
Love can not be ordered.

You'll never managed to touch the heart and soul.
You will probably only be able to touch the body alone ballpark.

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My Good Life Blog said...

Good read! Keep up the good work!

Shireishou said...

so sweet. keren bs buat puisi dlm bhs Inggris. Mine always in Bahasa T_T

jeniffer said...

nice poem... Yes indeed Love can't be buy..There is no such thing.. It is something we feel unexpected...

Nelson said...

Merry Christmas and may God’s grace be with you. Make merry not just on this wonderful day but all throughout the year!! God Bless, my dear friend!
Literatura & Linguagens

Rachel Zefanya said...

Thanx for all
@My Good Life : Thank u
@Shireishou : cm memanfaatkan media yg ada, bnyk media yg bs mmbantu koq(gugel translate...hehe), jgn pernah berhenti mencoba
@jeniffer : yups, that's right...thank u
@Nelson : Merry christmas to you... yups, love forever

Nadia Azka said...

hai, suka deh puisinya :) request dong bikin puisi tentang alam sekali-kali hehe

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